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Quick Turn PCB

Questions regarding “Quick Turn” PCB fabrication and assembly is a topic most managers bring to the table during our initial client consultation.

“Quick Turn” refers to the speed at which the Fine Circuit team turns around the PCB as a completed product to the client.

In order for a company to be able to provide a high quality product that has turned around fast from design to assembly, they must possess the skills, expertise and equipment to accommodate requests in real-time.

The Fine Circuit team members are experts in quick turn and small quantity PCB fabrication and assembly.

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Other types of PCB fabrication and assembly are:
• Prototypes
• Short Runs
• Medium Runs
• Long Runs

Using the client’s design, we orient individual parts on the PCBs and solder the assemblies together. The finished PCBs are then returned to the client.


Some projects are marked as “assembly only”. The client will typically provide all parts required for the project. The Fine Circuit team would then provide the labor.

Partial Turn-Key Assembly

For Partial Turn-Key assembly, the client provides as much of the materials and instructions as they can. The Fine Circuit team will then obtain the rest of the parts and provide the labor.

Full Turn-Key Assembly

Complete Turn-Key assemblies require that the client only provide the design. The Fine Circuit team will then obtain all parts including the bare PCBs. The Fine Circuit team will also provide all labor.

Ensuring precision and repeated installation, parts are placed by machine and then soldered. The appropriate reflow or wave process is used.