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To avoid various types of toxic electronic wastes, Fine Circuits Inc offers customers a variety of PCB finish types that comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive or the RoHS directive.

From quote until delivery, our value added services are fast, competitive and committed to the client requirements. The various types of fabrications we offer include long turn, 0-layer to 30-layers, lead-free, non-lead-free, cam, design rework, reverse engineering, assembly labor and turnkey.

Our commitment to quality is utmost. We strive to keep costs low when compared to other design service providers. The final assembly techniques and fabrication methods are all considered up front in an effort to provide a quality product every time.

Over the years, Fine Circuits Inc. has completed hundreds of customer designs in various industries. We have the ability to deal with virtually any situation.

Our objective is to satisfy customers and build long term relations.

Fine Circuits Inc. has grown substantially in the past decade and continues to prove our reliability to our customers.

We pride ourselves on the industry’s best on time shipping record, with the always-present goal of delivering early.